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What is The Crate Challenge and Why You Shouldn’t Try It!

milk crate challenge

Every once in a while, social media tries to get rid of boredom through various challenges that influencers choose to try. And with the influence from creators, the challenge always ends up being contagious enough to get as many people as possible trying it out. This has especially been common since 2020 when we saw challenges popping up almost every single month. Some end up being fun for everyone while others…not so much. The Milk Crate Challenge is one that might very well be the most dangerous so far.

Over the past several days, social media users have been posting videos of themselves and their friends trying out this #MilkCrateChallenge. To the detriment of many, this has seen many get seriously hurt as it is a stunt that needs one to be super careful. As the name suggests, one has to get a bunch of crates and organise one higher than the other so they end up looking like a staircase. Once they’re stacked, you then have to climb the crates.

As you can guess by now, crates are not the best when it comes to withstanding pressure. So the higher one goes, the more difficult it becomes to maintain one’s stamina. This can be especially dangerous if the structure is on an uneven surface such as a lawn.

Some have ended up completing the challenging successfully. As for the others, falling from down those crates just ends up being too painful that you almost feel it while watching.

From the videos, you can clearly tell how high the stakes are for anyone that decides to take part in the challenge. So it definitely goes far to explain why we haven’t seen Kenyans choose to try out the challenge so far. Instead, memes have been flying around about how it relates to the setting here.

All in all, just don’t try this at home.

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