Xiaomi’s New Wireless Charger Fills Up Smartphones in Just 28 Minutes


Xiaomi has one of the companies working really hard in advancing charging technology, both cabled and wireless. The Chinese firm broke all records last year when it launched the Mi 80W wireless charging stand. But it looks like they never got enough and have now gone even beyond that.

The tech giant took this past weekend to officially unveil a new wireless stand that supports up to 100W fast charging. This new charger is designed to be a beefed-up version of last year’s model despite both looking nearly identical.

Internally, the charger seems to resemble its predecessor with the dual-coil design. This is alongside a dynamic fan that starts up to maintain the ideal temperature and avoid overheating for the charger and the device on it.


This new charger though features an extra layer of current calibration unlike the former. Now, there obviously will be people asking why we need a 100W charger when no smartphone currently supports that level of wireless charging.

According to Xiaomi, this stand will work effectively with some of Xiaomi’s own devices. This includes the Mi MIX 4 whose 4,500mAh (50W wireless charging support) battery can be filled up within just 28 minutes by the charger.

However, this still doesn’t sound like enough reason for Xiaomi to make the 100W charging stand. Unless future devices will be able to get to that level of charging speed, the tech seems to have been developed too soon. Perhaps the firm wanted to announce its own invention before anyone else beat them to the punch.

It’s not clear whether the stand will be making it to other markets globally although it will be launching in China for around $92 (about KES 10,000).

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