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Spying On Your Partner’s WhatsApp Messages, Do These Apps Work?

Spy CAK Whatsapp Messages

Spying on someone’s WhatsApp messages is both wrong and illegal, however, humanity has been known not to trust one another. Meaning no matter the consequences, some are still going to do it. Even if it means losing everything. Knowing this, people are constantly looking for apps to spy on their partners when they think they are doing something wrong like cheating. Question is, do these apps work?

Spying on Your Partners WhatsApp Messages

Following this conversation on Twitter there are a lot of people who have either been using these apps or afraid of them being known to the public.

Taking a look at this and many other apps, it is very evident that they do work and not in the way you think. If you have used WhatsApp Web before, they essentially work the same way.

  1. You download the app
  2. Open WhatsApp on the phone you want to ‘spy on’
  3. Go to the menu and open Linked devices section on the phone
  4. Scan the code and voila, you are in

This seems simple but WhatsApp worked to change this and make it harder for you to get away with spying on someone’s phone. Ever since the launch of Android 8, WhatsApp now lets you know when you are linked to a device on the notifications tab.

As soon as someone links your device to theirs, it will show up in their notifications and your plan will be out in the open. Thus, whatever you do, the victim will find out and you cannot carryout the plan as thought.

Also, WhatsApp added the feature that if you want to link a device, you need top set up a password or use your fingerprint. This makes it that much harder to log in to the phone.


Your best bet is to pay upwards of KES 6000 a month, get their phone and have it tapped with the likes of Spyzie and hope that your partner is actually cheating. Or you could take the highroad and just ask. Plus if you are looking for the problem, you might as well just leave and save yourself the trouble.

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