Kenyan Car Maker Starts Deliveries Of Their Second-Generation Vehicle, Mobius II

Mobius II delivery
Image Courtesy Mobius Motors

Kenyan car maker Mobius Motors has announced that it has delivered its first second-generation vehicle named Mobius II. The company made the announcement through its Facebook page, stating that the handover of the first vehicle to its new owner was done in its flagship showroom in Nairobi.

“Mobius is excited to start the delivery of the new Mobius 2 to our first customer in Kenya. This pre-production vehicle handover was made at our flagship showroom in Nairobi and marks a major milestone on our journey to building mass-market cars pan-Africa. Mobius welcomed Hon. Lawrence Karanja, Chief Administrative Secretary of Kenya’s Ministry of Industrialisation, as keynote speaker of the event. Mobius designs, manufactures and sells vehicles built specifically for the African market,” read the post.

Mobius has been making cars in the Kenyan market for a while now with the first generation having sold all its 50 units that were produced. Back in 2016, Mobius announced that they had started taking pre-orders for the Mobius II. The first pre-order was made in August that year with the company announcing plans to make 100 units which was double what they had with the Mobius I. In 2019, Mobius announced that they had overwhelmingly received 300 pre-orders for the second generation vehicle which offered better build quality, more safety equipment and an improved design overall.

The Mobius III

While the company did not give any details on the seemingly delayed deliveries and whether they will deliver all the 300 pre-orders, it’s important to note that an alleged Mobius III SUV has been spotted in the country numerous times since December 2020.

Question is, if it took 5 years to deliver the Mobius II, when will we get to see the third-generation SUV?

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