This Kenyan App Uses AR To Promote Tree Planting and Re-afforestation

AR Tree Planting

Scientists note that it is probably much cheaper to solve climate change than it is to live in space. Now thanks to creators and innovators like Lorna Kimani, who has created an app that uses Augmented Reality (AR) to help with Tree planting, we can now bank on mother earth.

Tree Planting + AR = A Better Future

The problem they are trying to solve is mainly food security in Kenya. By planting more trees, we are able to reach the UN Quota of a self sustainable country. That said, during a hackathon, Lorna Kimani invented the app dubbed Kijani to help solve this problem.

Using an Augmented Reality Platform, the app works to try and show you what a tree would look like in certain areas or places of your choosing. In this case, Kijani aims to help users visualize how a tree would look in their compound.

The main target is to get people to plant as many trees as possible in their compound, helping fight the impending climate issues. All you have to do is

  1. Download the App from the Play Store
  2. Sign Up and create an account
  3. Scan your environment
  4. Choose the Try you would like to grow
  5. Get a 3D look of what it would look like if the tree was in your compound.

We could not find the app on the Play Store but once we do, we will update the article. It’s incredible to think that the young Kenyan generation is thinking about solving climate issues on a global scale. I can’t wait to see more of these innovations.

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