Everything You Need To Know About The Samsung Trade-In Program

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I’d always wondered how my uncle in America constantly had the latest Samsung when it came out. In my head, I knew he was just a rich man. Until one day I mastered the courage to ask him and he told me his little secret. “In America, we have a thing called Trade-In services where we can swap our old Samsung device for a new one.”

I dreamed of the day we’d have that in Kenya and now it’s here with us. If you didn’t already know, Samsung Electronics East Africa is the first smartphone manufacturer in Kenya to have a trade-in program. With this program, smartphone users can return their old used phones in exchange for a discount on the new device.

Samsung Trade-In Program

I know you may have a few questions about how it works so here are a few answers to the common queries.

What Smartphone Can You Trade-In and Which one do you Get?

Naturally, the first question a lot of you ask is regarding which smartphones are applicable for trade-in. Samsung states that the trade-in program is available for the

  •  Note series devices
  •  S series devices
  •  A-80

Additionally, Samsung notes that you cannot trade in 2 devices to get one. The condition is that only one device can be traded in towards the purchase of the S21 series. If you have two devices you can purchase two S21 devices.

The Trade-in is a discount program hence, you will get an instant discount of  28,000 shillings discount on purchase of any of the S21 range of devices. There is no cash back applicable.

Another question floats around what phones can be acquired using the program. Well you can get the:

  • the S- 21 range of devices;
    • S21 Ultra
    • the S21+
    • the S21

What State Should Your Phone Be in When Trading-In?

The phone should be in good working condition. This means that the device must not be dead on arrival and it should be able to turn on. You might also be wondering how long this will last. Well, the trade in program will be applicable till end of June 2021. However, Samsung says that based on the market dynamic, it may be extended until further notice thereafter.

What happens to your old phone?

The devices will be strapped off for recycling.

What about warranty and Samsung Care+?

According to Samsung, the S21 series comes with a 24-month warranty. It will be applicable to customers who purchase the devices through trade-in. 

Notably, Samsung Care+ is applicable for all three of the S21 devices. However, it is important to note that registration for the service must be done within 30 days of the device purchase. Any registrations that have crossed the 30day registration period will be considered null and void.

Does it matter if the device I have is from another country?

The trade-in applies for you as long as you have the necessary documentation to show that the device is legally yours. The Trade-in program is available at select Authorized Samsung Stores as well as select Safaricom stores countrywide. 

Below is a list of the stores:
1 Samsung Experience Store: The Hub Nairobi
2 Samsung Experience Store: Galleria Mall Nairobi
3 Samsung Experience Store: JKUAT Towers Nairobi
4 Riz Station: Diamond Plaza Nairobi
5 Newtech Mobile Solutions Coast
6 Samsung Experience Store: Digo Rd Coast
7 Firi Electronics Ltd CBD  Nairobi
8 Samsung Experience Store: Nyali Centre Coast
9 Panna Music Centre  Eldoret
10 Samsung Experience Store: WestEnd Mal Nyanza
11 Samsung Experience Store: Junction Mall Nairobi
12 Samsung Experience Store: Red Heron Mall Syokimau
13 Avi Communications Ltd Nairobi
14 Zetort Communications Ltd Nairobi
15 Bansi Mega Mart Ltd Nyanza
17 Devi Stationers & Computers Ltd Rift Valley
18 Beacon Technologies Nairobi
19 Joris Electronics Nairobi
20 Tesh Mobile Solutions Nairobi
21 Show case Nairobi
22 Family Phones Communication Nairobi
23 Accapela Enterprise Nairobi
24 Mobile Connect Express Nairobi
25 PKAM Mobile Solutions Rift Valley
26 Macks Electronics Nyanza
27 Whiz tech mobiles and computers Coast
28 Mobi Centre Baluchi Coast
29 Keromatt  Kericho
30 Milano Malindi
31 Wixcom Ltd  Meru
32 Senford Mobiles  Nyanyuki
33 Al’ Hashimiya Electronics Malindi
34 Hotspot Diamond Plaza Nairobi
35 Wasif Gifts: Diamond Plaza Nairobi
36 Ventura Electronics: Diamond Plaza Nairobi
37 Samsung Brand Store: Westside Mall Nakuru
38 Samsung Experience Store: Village Market Nairobi
39 Samsung Experience Store: Westgate Mall  Nairobi
40 Samsung Experience Store: TRM Mall  Nairobi
41 Samsung Experience Store: Sarit Centre Nairobi
42 Samsung Experience Store: Capital Centre Nairobi
43 Samsung Experience Store: Ciata Mall Nairobi
44 Samsung Experience Store: Garden City Nairobi
45 Samsung Experience Store: Hilton Arcade Nairobi
46 Samsung Experience Store: Two Rivers Mall Nairobi


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