Google Chrome Tests Face ID Lock For Incognito Tabs on iOS

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Incognito mode has over the last few years been a more common method for users to visit sites that you would regard as less than ideal when it comes to security. The whole concept behind the mode is that the browser will not track your activity since you block cookies that would let websites track users as well. However, there have been lawsuits filed against browsers like Google Chrome suspected to still be tracking its users even on incognito mode.

Privacy is also said to be useless when someone else can easily use your device and access the “hidden” tabs. This is why Chrome is now reported to be bringing Face ID security on iOS.

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According to a report by Slashgear, Google had dropped hints of rolling out such a feature to iOS users earlier this year. But it now seems that the firm is almost ready to roll it out and has already begun testing it by letting users lock incognito tabs when they close Chrome.

Accessing those tabs will then require you to use Face ID that typically can only be done by the device’s owner. It is also likely that this security feature will be executed in other forms once it is made available for the other Apple devices like the iPad and MacBook. As it stands, it is only present for iPhone 10 and later devices.

To enable the experimented feature, users can go through the chrome://flags interface. Th alternative is to just wait for Google to make it an official feature, assuming it’s ever made official.

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