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Kenyans React To Being Registered as Political Party Members Without Consent

Kenyan General Elections 2022

Imagine chilling, getting set to enjoy the weekend and then finding out you’re a member of the Jubilee Political Party. That’s what has happened to a number of Kenyans and they are not happy. For instance, @E.Chenze today complained on Twitter that he found out he was registered under the Amani National Congress Party, ANC. The results of this post are scary seeing as many people have the same complaint.

“According to the Registrar of Political Parties (@ORPPKenya), I am a registered member of ANC. Erm, since when? Why? How? @anc_party how did I get on your membership roll and how do I get out?”

Are You Registered Under a Political Party?

Under this same post, many have added their grievances with the same issue. Some report that they are registered under Jubilee and others under Ford Kenya Simba, National Vision Party and Safina Party (Parties I have never heard of before.)

The main questions on everyone’s minds are how they are getting this information and how one can deregister. Well for now we’re not too sure how this came about but we will update this article with that information as the story unfolds. Until then, you can check if you are under false registration or not.

How To Check If You’re Registered

  1. Open the Office of The Registrar of Political Parties Link
  2. Swipe down to check the registration
  3. Enter your citizen password
  4. Check membership status

This development is rather odd and raises way too many questions about how the government handles data in Kenya. Most registrations come from as early as 2016. With this coming to light, there’s a lot to speculate on how much more information the government is using against us.

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  1. How can i opt out from ODM party i have no knowledge on how the party acquired my details.

  2. How can i opt out from ODM party i have no knowledge on how the party acquired my details. The Political parties registrar should provide the code when keyed in you cease to be amember of such party.

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