Global Service Provider Outage Takes Down With it Major Websites

Fastly service outage
Image courtesy Forbes

A global internet service outage experienced today has seen a number of major high-profile websites go down. This is due to a major crash on the global content delivery network and cloud computing service, Fastly that has resulted in this sites returning 503 errors. Some of the sites include Twitch, Reddit and major news outlets like BBC, The New York Times, CNN, Financial Times, The Verge and more.

the verge-fastly-down

Image courtesy The Verge

This global outage is reported to have lasted an hour from 12.30 pm EAT with most if not all sites recovering at 1.00 pm EAT. This did force these sites to result to their social media sites to clarify the issue to the millions of users who experienced the outage.

The issue seemed to have been promptly dealt with as Fastly quickly looked to resolve it. However, it is still not clear whether all the sites that operate across the world have gone fully up yet. This is mostly because Fastly runs a lot of POPs (points of presence) that would take time to fully recover.

Fastly was also quick enough to take to social media and inform people of what happened and the progress that its team was making to fixing the crash.

The outage seemed to have the UK the most with government service sites also going down. This meant anyone that intended to apply for tax allowances, passports or driving licences was probably shocked why they couldn’t log in.

As it stands, the issue has been fully resolved and it is fingers crossed that no similar thing happens again anytime soon.

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