How To Get Clubhouse on Android

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Shortly after it secured a second round of funding Clubhouse began work on its Android app earlier this year in January. It’s now been a few weeks since the Android version became available to a limited number of users on its beta channel. Now, the app is set to roll out to a bigger group. However, the users base, for now, is limited to the U.S. alone.

Clubhouse announced this past weekend, revealing that the beta version is now available to more users in the U.S. So, only citizens of that country will be able to download and install the app directly on Google Play Store. To become a user though, you will still need an invitation from an existing user.

Luckily, the app is set to roll out beyond the U.S. in a couple of days or weeks. In a blog post, Clubhouse states that the beta app will reach other English-speaking countries in the coming days, followed by the rest of the world. So, you might want to register for a beta launch alert in case it rolls out in your region:

  1. Click this link that leads to the beta app on Google Play Store.
  2. Tap the Pre-register button that will likely get you an invitation once the beta app rolls out in your region.

Clubhouse plans to collect feedback and fix issues over the next few weeks before adding last touches like payments and club reactions to the app. Once it’s done, the app should launch fully.

While Clubhouse’s waitlist and invite system will stick around, for now, the company plans to scale up its backend to accommodate more users later this year. It also plans on expanding language support and adding accessibility features to give users from around the world a more native experience.

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