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I have so much trouble picking passwords especially since everything needs one nowadays. You join a new platform, password. Sign up for deliveries Password. You sign up for Gadgets Africa notifications… well no password there ‘wink’ but you get the point. With all those passwords, it’s easy to use the same one for everything but that’s not safe and that’s why Google is updating its features.

Google Chrome Passwords Update

With this new update, you can now complete a simple check to see which one of your passwords is weak. It also allows you to edit your passwords in one place.

To access this feature on desktop,

  1. Click on your profile and then select the little key icon.
  2. After doing that you’ll then see the list of passwords you have saved, this is if you are using Chrome as a password manager.
  3. To check which passwords are weak you need to click on “check passwords”
  4. From here, Chrome will indicate which ones are not up to date and the links you’ll need to go to change them.

Google has started rolling out the update for users on iOS and Desktop but says that the update will be dropping for Android users in the coming weeks.

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