Google announced that they were making it easier for Chrome users to better secure their accounts and they set out to do this through a Chrome extension known as Password Checkup. According to Google, the extension helps protect accounts from third-party data breaches.

Google claims that they already provide a certain level of security on their services, such as automatically resetting passwords if the company suspects your account may have been exposed to a breach. Through the Password Checkup extension, Google wants Chrome users to extend this level of protection to other non-Google services as well.

How Password Checkup will work is that it will trigger an automatic warning and a password change suggestion if the extension detects that your username and password on the services you use have been compromised. Google says that it has employed privacy-protecting techniques to ensure that no one can see the details of your account while using the extension.

Here’s how to get the extension:

  • Download Password Checkup from Chrome Web Store
  • Once installation incomplete, the extension is activated automatically
  • In case of a data breach, the extension will alert you to change your password for that particular service

Google says that this is the first iteration of Password Checkup and that the company will be adding more features to it in the coming months.

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