Bolt Jumps Into The Car Hire Business With New Service

Image courtesy Bolt

Ride-hailing company Bolt has announced a new car-sharing service dubbed Bolt Drive. The service is designed to have customers conveniently rent a car for short periods of time on the Bolt app. The firm is dedicated to seeing this come to fruition via €20 million investment that will see the service launch in Europe this year. This will begin with a pilot in the company’s home market, Estonia. 

“Personal cars are the primary cause of problems in urban transport. They are responsible for traffic, environmental emissions and taking up city space. Bolt’s mission is to help people give up their personal cars by providing a better alternative,” said Bolt’s CEO, Markus Villig.

“For people to switch from ownership to on-demand transport, we need to offer a more convenient, affordable and environmentally sustainable option for every distance. We are already doing this for short and medium distance trips. Bolt Drive now covers the rest of the use cases, whether it’s a trip to a shopping mall or a weekend getaway. Our customers will have access to a car at any time, from the same app they already use for scooters, e-bikes and ride-hailing”.

Customers will be able to see the vehicles nearest to them on a map and book a car using the Bolt app. They can start the ride by unlocking a car with a mobile phone and finish it anywhere in the city, within an area indicated in the app. Additionally, users do not have to pay for parking or fuel.

Considering that this is a totally new service for the company, it’s not clear when or if the service will be making its way to other markets in Kenya. All we can do is wait to see its progress in international markets.

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