Apple M2 Chip Could Be Coming in July Alongside New MacBooks

Apple M1

The new, well now old, Apple M1 chip has been stunning since its inception. But for a few hiccups, everyone using the new chips seems to be loving their devices and the power that comes with them. Just a few weeks ago, Apple introduced the chips to the new iMac displays and iPads and the integration seems to be working so well. But that’s about to change. For the better in this case. Sources report that Apple is ready to unveil the new M1 successor, the M2 or M1x and no one seems to be ready for it.

New Apple M1 Successor: The Rise of the M2

Apple is expected to offer the new chip first in its next-generation MacBook models in the second half of the year. However, we expect them to use the chips in other Mac and Apple devices apart from the MacBook lineup over time.

The new M-series chip is said to be produced by Apple supplier Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC). Reports claim it is using the new production technology, 5-nanometer plus or N5P. This is an upgrade over the existing 5-nanometer process technology that was used for building last year’s M1 chip.

One of the hiccups we stated earlier revolves around the thunderbolt capacity of the M1 chip. The chip only supports a maximum of two Thunderbolt ports and allows for just one external display output. This is not enough for most of the pro users out there.

The expectation is that the M2 chip will add more CPU and GPU performance. The chip could include 12 CPU and 16 GPU cores. This is up from the 8 CPU and GPU cores available on the M1 chip. Also, it may add more Thunderbolt lanes, and allow for at least two external displays.

So for all the pro users out there, hold on to your hats and cross your fingers.

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