Samsung Reveals its New Lineup of Slim Light Galaxy Book Pro Laptops

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Samsung took to the stage in its second Galaxy Unpacked 2021 event to unveil its new lineup of slim lightweight Galaxy Book laptops; the Galaxy Book Pro and Galaxy Pro 360.

While the company already sells several other Galaxy Book laptops, it was clear that Samsung wanted us to know a lot about the improved Galaxy ecosystem. According to Samsung, these two devices are attempts to combine a few of the features that have made previous Galaxy Books stand out into a single, high-level machine.


The main highlight of the series is the glossy OLED displays. This is mostly because previous models have always had QLED screens other than the Galaxy Chromebook.

The Galaxy Book Pro specifically features Samsung’s standard “AMOLED” display, while the Galaxy Book Pro 360 has what Samsung calls a “Super AMOLED” display.

galaxy book pro


The difference is that the “Super AMOLED” display has an integrated touch function. Samsung adds that the screen is brighter and more power-efficient compared to a regular OLED panel.

The displays are also designed to produce less blue light than standard LCD ones. Users will also experience an”Intelligence Colour Engine” that adjusts colour profile based on the task at hand. So colours might be more vivid while watching movies and more natural while editing photos.


Additionally, the PCs are also built to be as slim and lightweight as possible. Apparently, the two devices are some of the lightest laptops in the market with the Pro 13 weighing only 0.87kg. The Pro 360 is a little heftier, starting at 1.03kg but that’s still quite portable. This sets the duo in competition with the likes of Dell XPS 13 and ASUS Expertbook.

The manufacturer has also integrated the famous S pen with the lineup for the first time. This Spen is about 2.5 times thicker than the regular one we see in smartphones in order to provide “a more true-to-life writing experience.”


The Galaxy Book Pro and Pro 360 also feature Intel’s latest 11th Gen processors. Of course, there isn’t a lot to be said without a test but Samsung claims that every app will be smooth and snappy in both models.

samsung galaxy book pro 360


The 15-inch Book Pro 360 supports up to 2TB of SSD with 32GB of RAM. The Galaxy Book Pro of the same size bears 16GB of RAM with up to 2TB of SSD storage as well.

The laptops are set to launch in international markets at $999 for the Book Pro and $1,199 for the Book Pro 360.

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