OPPO Ranked Among the Top 10 Patent Filers in The World

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OPPO joined in celebrating the 21st World Intellectual Property Day (IP) today with special recognition from the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). The Chinese tech company was ranked among the top 10 Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) for 2020, marking its second year on the prestigious list.

As of March 31 2020, OPPO had filed for over 61,000 patents and now owns more than 26,000 granted patents globally. Among these, 54,000 are utility patents, accounting for 89% of all OPPO patent applications. Of course, this marks an extraordinary achievement for a firm that is well-known for interesting innovations, especially in the smartphone division.

“The World IP Day serves as a good opportunity to raise people’s awareness of protecting IP assets. As a rapidly growing tech company with a rich and diverse IP portfolio, OPPO is committed to investing more in technological research and development in the foreseeable future,” said Adler Feng, Senior Director of Intellectual Property at OPPO. “On the basis of that, we will never stop bringing our best innovations to users worldwide.”

Alongside the smartphone industry, OPPO has also filed several patents in the world of 5G, flash charge technology and AI.

The company has filed over OPPO has filed over 3,700 families of global patent applications, declared over 1,500 families of 5G standard patents to the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), and submitted more than 3,000 5G standard-related proposal to the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP).

Flash charge technology is another area that OPPO eyes as advantageous as various firms look to improve the tech for their upcoming devices. The company has applied for over 3,000 patents worldwide, owns over 1,500 granted patents, and has licensed the flash charge technology to more than 40 companies. In 2021, OPPO launched its new project—The Flash Initiative, bringing its proprietary VOOC technology to automobiles, public space and chips inside a wide variety of technologies.

So, there is no doubt that we will be some interesting products from the company in the few coming years.

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