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Windows 10 Taskbar Gets News & Weather Update Widget

Image courtesy Microsoft

Microsoft‘s Windows 10 taskbar update, which adds a customisable “News and Interests” widget, is finally on its to regular users.

This widget is designed to open up a panel of tiles showing personalised news, weather, traffic, stocks and sports information. The feature that was first revealed in January will begin rolling out to Windows 10 proper” over the next several weeks. This is via the upcoming Windows 10 update.

Windows confirmed this on a blog post saying:

“As people spend more time on their Windows PCs, working, learning, connecting and creating, we’re making it easier to access personalized content that is available at a glance and updated throughout the day.  News and interests on the Windows taskbar will begin rolling out to customers over the next several weeks. We are taking a phased and measured approach and broad availability will occur in the coming months.

It should be easy to catch up on the things we care about. Yet, we’re often stuck juggling devices, jumping between websites and looking across sources before finally getting what we’re looking for: relevant and high-quality content. News and interests on the Windows taskbar simplify this process with a convenient and personalized experience centered around you.”

Users will be able to customise the weather icon and choose whether to have it show with or without extra text detailing the current conditions in their area. Hovering over the icon will also provide a little extra weather information without opening the entire News and Interests window.

While some users will likely prefer not to share any more of their personal information with Microsoft, this taskbar update does seem like a handy little upgrade ahead of the much bigger Windows 10 Sun Valley update tipped for later this year.

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