Here’s How To buy Minutes on Safaricom

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  1. Getting long calls on telcos like Safaricom can be catastrophic especially if they want to talk for minutes on end. This is probably why the Telco added a few options to get you to spend less and talk more.

They could honestly be better because it’s still quite pricy but here’s how to buy minutes on Safaricom.

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How To Buy Safaricom Minutes
  1. Dial *444#
  2. Select 2, the buy minutes option
  3. Choose between the options depending on what you want:

Option one is calls with no expiry. This means you can buy minutes with whatever amount of credit you have.

The other options are based on specific amounts of airtime

  • For 16 Bob, 8 minutes of talk time, valid for 24hrs
  • For 30 Bob, 30 minutes valid for 3hrs
  • 125 bob gets you 50 minutes valid for 7 days.

From here the choice is yours. You can also choose to get Safaricom to Safaricom airtime for cheaper.

  • 20 Bob gets you 40 Bob airtime valid for 24 hrs
  • 100 Bob gets you 200 Bob airtime valid for 24 hrs as well

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