How To Watch The Apple Spring Loaded Event and What To Expect


I always love launch event days because who doesn’t want to see new tech?. Well today we’re expecting an Apple Spring Loaded event with new devices expected to be launched. Here’s how to watch the event and what to expect.

How To Watch the Apple Spring Loaded Event

The event starts at 2000hrs Nairobi time and will be streamed on different platforms. You can watch it live through:

  • The Apple’s Event Channels. You can use any device that has a web browser. That’s your iPhone, iPad, MacBook, PC, laptop, tablet or android smartphone. This site also lets you set a calendar reminder. Thus you won’t forget to tune in.
  • Using the Apple TV App, you can chose to watch the event on those same devices as long as you download the app.
  • Finally, for those who can’t access the app or the channels, you can also stream it on YouTube. apple’s dedicated channel will be streaming the same event at the same time. You may choose to come back and click the video below to watch it.

What to expect

With Apple you can always expect to be surprised. For one, expect some amazing transitions and a revolutionary speech fr the CEO.

In terms of tech, they should be releasing the new iPads today. The leaks suggest they will have mini-led displays and an all new chip to simulate fluidity when using the pads.

Alongside that, we expect to see the new Apple Pencil 3 and iMac Models with the new all powerful M1 chip. So expect a lot of excitement during the launch of these devices.

Till then, I guess I’ll see you back here at 8:00pm for the Apple Spring Loaded Event.

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