Spotify Users Can Now Download Albums on Desktop App

spotify desktop

Spotify is now rolling out a new update for its desktop app that will bring with it a very handy feature. Users who get to use this version will now be able to download albums and listen to them offline. The app has supported downloading playlists to a computer for quite a while. However, users have never really been able to manage their libraries if they want to keep the music going even when offline. So, this update will be looking to change all that.

Unfortunately, this feature is limited to Premium subscribers, according to Spotify’s documentation. Free users will only be able to download podcasts.

Downloading individual albums is quite similar to downloading a playlist. All you have to do is navigate to the album’s page and press the download button. The album should then be available whenever you go into Offline mode. This will make it easier for you to manage your offline collection. This should be especially helpful for users who are very specific about what they want to listen to.

The update also contains a few changes to the general look of the desktop and web player. This also includes how playlist management works. The patch has been rolling out so you should be having it anytime soon if you do not yet. Once you open the app, a screen will pop up informing you of the update.

These few changes come a few months after Spotify officially extended its camp to many countries across the world including Kenya. So there is no doubt that Premium subscribers in Kenya will be looking to have the update.

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