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This Website Gives You A Recipe Based On What’s In Your Fridge


If there’s one thing I struggle with, it’s opening the fridge and seeing only ingredients. And I know I’m not alone. Sometimes you just want to get home and find the food ready. However, we’re not all lucky enough to have chefs. And that’s why I bring you this website that helps you turn the random ingredients in your fridge into a recipe for a gourmet meal.

From Fridge Ingredients To A Gourmet Recipe

We’ll get right down to it. You open your fridge and see some vegetables, raw chicken pieces, maybe some cheese, milk, an egg or two and some bread. A pretty random set of ingredients.

Living alone, this might lead to a boring sandwich. But that’s what the people at myfridgefood.com are trying to stop you from doing.

My Fridge Food

The best way to explain this is to show you how it works. So here’s a list of a few things in fridge and the recipe(s) I got.

The website has a number of things to choose from. From dairy, to meats, to spices, drinks (including liquor), pasta and grains and even vegetables.


So when I went to the kitchen, I found:

Fridge recipe

  • Bread
  • Chicken
  • Onions and Tomatoes
  • Rice and Spaghetti
  • Ginger
  • Some barbeque sauce amongst a few other condiments

I selected all these on the site as seen below and selected “show recipes”.

Now as I said earlier, this to me would result in a random sandwich. But from the site, I got a variety of appetizers, sauces and 2 course meals I cannot wait to try out.

There’s an app too but I’d hold off on that for now. It seems to still be in the works and is struggling to comprehend commands.

Till then, the website is my go to eating guide and I can’t wait to try new recipes.

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