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Telegram Testing Ways To Let You Schedule Voice Chats In Channels


Telegram is always trying new things. One thing I like about the app is the fact that you can schedule messages… yes I send all my happy birthday messages at a go… Now it looks like they are taking scheduling a step further. As seen on a TestingCatalog report, Telegram v7.7.0 has started rolling out on the beta channel and there is where we see a new feature for Voice Chats that will let you schedule them for later.

Telegram Schedule Voice Chats

Thanks to this new feature, Channel admins will be able to schedule a voice chat for later. See the screenshots below:

Telegram Schedule Voice Chats

How will they work?

To schedule a voice chat, admins will have to

  1. Tap on the channel icon and three-dot settings menu
  2. Select the “Start Voice Chat” option
  3.  Tap on the new “Schedule Voice Chat” option.
  4. Then pick a time and date and tap on the button at the bottom to schedule the voice chat.

Pretty simple right. Additionally, after you set the schedule, a notification for the voice chat will appear at the top of the channel with a countdown. This is visible to all members.

When will we get it?

There isn’t a set date yet but what we know is that it’s soon to be available on the beta version.

If you wish to try them out, you can download the latest Telegram beta release by following this link. Otherwise, you can wait for a couple of weeks for the features to roll out on the stable channel.

Does Telegram letting you schedule voice chats makes sense or is it a feature you’d not deem worthy for your channels?

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