Clubhouse Plans To Release Android Version As Early As Next Month

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The Android version of Clubhouse is currently under development and recent tweets now show that it may be released as early as May 2021. The audio-only social network is only available on iOS. Despite this limitation, there is no doubt that the app has been gaining popularity from users across the world over the last few months.

Consequently, this has seen a growing interest from other companies which are also developing their own versions. The most notable of them all is the release of Twitter Spaces for both Android and iOS.

In a recent tweet, the app’s Android developer Mopewa Ogundipe (@mopewa_o) revealed that the team is working on creating the Android app with a Google Pixel smartphone. Another teaser was given out by a member of the developing team hinting that the app may be available as soon as May 2021.

This move is almost guaranteed to see the social network gain a lot more users. This is mostly considering Android is the most widely used OS in the world. So, one can see why a firm like Twitter was attempting to acquire Clubhouse rather than just create its own rival.

This was reported earlier this week by Bloomberg saying that Twitter held discussions with Clubhouse about purchasing the app for around $4 billion.

Unfortunately, the talks are reported to have stalled and it isn’t clear why. It’s also not clear about who approached the other with the deal, speaking a lot to how both platforms feel about the rivalry.

Coincidentally, this follows a previous report stating that Clubhouse is now looking to raise money at a $4 billion valuation. It is likely that the figure came out of the discussions with Twitter or that Clubhouse is shopping that amount of money around.

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