A First Look At The 2024 Hummer EV in Pictures


Remember the Hummer? The car that was rich Kenyans’ favourite back in 2007. Well, it wasn’t a very good looking car but it was imposing in size and no one could miss it thanks to its boxy shape. Well, back in 2010, General Motors (the makers of Hummer) seized production of the SUV. However, the company is now back with a new version of the Hummer, this time around as an EV (electric vehicle).

The new Hummer EV, which is expected to start selling in 2024 will be a full electric car in either SUV format or as a pickup. While the pickup looks more like something the military would be interested in, the Hummer EV SUV actually looks interesting and has elicited some excitement among car enthusiasts.

A quick rundown of the EV’s most outstanding features include:

  • Air-suspension
  • Four-wheel steering
  • Advanced cruise control that can automatically change lanes
  • Crab-walk feature that allows the car to move sideways while off-roading
  • A total of 17 cameras around the car, including underneath for a 360-degree view of your surrounding
  • 480km ranger per charge or 450km with the off-road package
  • On-board generator that allows users to power electrical items and can even recharge another EV
  • An infinity glass roof that can be removed (like on a Jeep) and stored in the front boot

With all the above features and impressive off-roading capabilities (as seen in this video), the 2024 Hummer EV will not come cheap. The Edition 1 model is set to cost $105,595 which is about 11.4Mn shillings in today’s conversion. GMC, which now owns Hummer, says that there will be cheaper models coming later on.

Here are images of the new 2024 Hummer EV for your eyes to feast on:

Images Courtesy GMC

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