Casio G-Shock Smartwatch: Specifications, Features and Price

casio g-shock
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Casio unveiled its first Wear OS-powered smartwatch as an addition to its iconic G-Shock lineup. Under the model name GSW-H1000, the smartwatch is set to retail at $699 (about KES 76,000) in international markets. The watch is definitely designed to not just add to the lineup but move it to a whole new dimension. This is mostly because Casio G-Shock watches are seen as these rugged traditional digital watches that aren’t moved by modern tech.

However, it was inevitable since Casio had been investing in devices using Google’s smartwatch OS since 2016. This includes the Casio Outdoor Watch that was the company’s first smartwatch.

The GSW-H1000 comes packed with various features that would be expected on a fitness-focused smartwatch. The watch features an optical heart sensor as well as Casio’s own software that supports up to 39 exercise activities. Owners will be able to track outdoor workout sessions via GPS, a built-in compass, altitude sensor, accelerometer and gyrometer.

Casio G-shock smartwatch

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Thanks to Wear OS, Voice control is also possible through Google Assistant and Google Fit support. Users can also download apps of their choice from Google Play directly on the smartwatch.

The watch is designed to maintain the G-Shock reputation looking as rugged as it can. The display is 1.2 inches big with 360 x 360-pixel resolution. It is an always-on LCD display running on a battery that runs for around one and a half days if you’re using the colour display option. the juice can be extended to up to a month if you choose to only use the watch for timekeeping and sensors. According to Casio, charging the watch will take you around three hours.

This newly launched smartwatch comes as rumours of a sport-focused Apple Watch were going round. So, it is safe to say that the new G-Shock could bring out some competition to that Apple watch once it’s launched.

Would you get this new Casio G-Shock smartwatch?

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