YouTube Now Warns Creators Of Copyright Claims Before Publishing Their Videos

YouTube Copyright

It’s always such a disappointing sight to see your video being taken down from YouTube due to copyright issues. Well, according to YouTube, you won’t have to worry about that anymore.

YouTube Vs Copyright Claims

In a recent update, YouTube is rolling out a new tool called “Checks”. Essentially, the tool tells a creator ahead of time if their video contains copyrighted material and complies with advertising guidelines.

How It Works
  1. The new feature screens uploads for copyright content, which could lead to takedowns or copyright holders claiming ad revenue.
  2. It also checks whether the video runs afoul of advertising guideline issues.
  3. If YouTube’s copyright identification system finds a violation after scanning the video, YouTube will apply the right holder’s policy.

If this happens, the YouTuber uploading said video will receive a notice via Checks. From here you can find a way to remove that part of the video ahead of time.

Initially, creators would just post and hope nothing goes wrong. If there was a complaint, you would get a notification stating the issue or you would see a yellow dollar sign on your ad revenue page. (Suggesting money is being withheld.)

However now, the new feature suggests that you will not have to wait for Ad revenue to stream into your account. It’ll start as soon as you post your video.

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