Toyota Could Be Launching a New Subaru-Built Electric SUV

toyota electric car
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Yes, you read that right, Toyota and Subaru have been working together for a while now and they have been developing an Electric Vehicle (EV) platform that both companies will use to jump into the electric car market.

Toyota has sent out press invites for a launch slated for March 17, accompanied by a teaser image of a car’s headlight and the words “x prologue” and that is it. Apart from the red colour of the car and the now-standard feature of electric carsĀ  – having a long LED light across the grille, there’s nothing else that has been revealed.

Rumour has it that the launch could be that of a RAV-4 sized electric SUV, as Toyota had earlier announced plans to reveal this car. Which, come to think of it, makes total sense. The automotive market has proven that Crossovers and Mid-size SUVs are the money makers and it’s obvious that Toyota’s first fully electric car would be from this category.

While it is strange that Toyota has shied away from launching a fully electric car until this point, it will be interesting to see what they have in store and whether Subaru will be launching their version of the same car shortly after. Toyota’s reliability record and their vast experience with hybrid cars – especially the popular Prius that we all love to hate, could shake up the EV market especially if the new car is priced well.

Up until now, the EV market has been filled with either expensive options, weirdly designed extremely cheap options, and Teslas. While Tesla’s first-mover advantage saw it conquer with a wide distribution of chargers, the brand’s reliability and build quality have been questioned.

As we wait for March 17, the question is, will Toyota deliver? Watch the reveal here.

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