Scam Alert: Beware This Ad Offering Premier League and HBO Channels For Cheap


Here on Gadgets Africa, we like to keep you safe and sound as you browse through the internet and peruse through tech or software deals and offers. Over the last few months, we have written about different scamsĀ but this latest one seems to be the pick of the bunch. A company by the name, Netcast has been parading an AD for an alleged scam platform dubbed IPTV that offers you way too much for seemingly way too little.

Let’s dive in and let me explain to you what I mean.

NetCast IPTV Scam Alert: Too Much For Too Little

Have you seen this ad on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter?


According to their ad and website, Netcast is offering a few monthly packages offering a wide variety of channels for seemingly very little in my opinion. The monthly package goes for KES 1800 and includes:

  • Over 500+ Live TV Channels
  • All Local Kenyan Channels
  • Over 5000+ Movies
  • More than 400 Tv Series
  • HD Quality
  • Football Channels: Premier League, UEFA, Serie A

Now at first glance, everything looks fine. However, the more you scrutinize the offer, the more you realize it’s too good to be true. (Especially when they include Premier League channels that are very expensive to host.)

Thankfully, one @AymanGichuhi went to Twitter to narrate his humbling ordeal.

After this, he goes on to explain what happened to him;

You get connected for 2days then Channels Disappear. Upon contact, the guy never responds. Fortunately, CAK claims the IP network under NETCAST has been blocked.

The site is however still up and running and you can still get a package. Let’s wait and see what happens with these alleged claims. Thanks to Twitter, we are able to report our ordeals with fake organizations and unlawful behaviour. If you have or have had a similar experience, please reach out to us in the comment section below.

We will await a response from IPTV in relation to this incident.

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  1. Was great initially good sport then stopped working all together after 2 days. Now trying to solve 6 days later without any solution.They make promises to fix when you can get someone online but only waste your time. Scam I’m sure!

  2. Hi Can you contact me they are a swindle. They have a solid plan to lie over people. I was following then and I lost 13.00 usd instead 64 usd. Because they work into people ‘ mind. Can you contact me.We must join to make possible the police close their page. I want to prove this since I lost 13 usd but not as much they wanted to me spend. They are very smart with their move and they know how to work on you But at the end they knew was someone ( me) with deep knowledge and due my

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