Google Will Stop Selling Ads Based On Your Browsing Habits

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Remember the cookies tracking story from Google? Here’s a follow-up. Google on Wednesday said it will stop selling ads based on a person’s individual browsing across websites. This looks to be a move that could shake up the digital advertising industry.

Google Will Stop Selling Ads Based On Your Browsing Habits

Google’s search and targeted advertising business are under increasing attack by lawmakers and this move comes as consumers call for more privacy online. Thus, just last year, the search giant said it will phase out third-party cookies (little bits of code that can let advertisers track user history across the web).

“If digital advertising doesn’t evolve to address the growing concerns people have about their privacy, we risk the future of the free and open web,” David Temkin, a Google product manager focused on privacy, said in a blog post. “People shouldn’t have to accept being tracked across the web in order to get the benefits of relevant advertising.” 

Once those are gone from Google’s Chrome browser next year, the company says it will not use alternative tracking tech. In a more recent post, we talked about and showed you what kind of information Google has on you. For instance,

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You can check out your information here. Rest assured Google will stop using this information to direct ads to you. I’m not sure how I feel about this as I am happy about the privacy but sad to lose specific ads.

Also, many companies rely on tracking individuals to target their ads, measure the ads’ effectiveness and stop fraud. It’s a bold move that could reshape advertising as we know it today.

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