Kenya Gets Ready For 5G As CA Looks To Release New Policies

Image courtesy CIO

5G is certainly the future of connectivity around the world and as many countries slowly roll out the tech, Kenya doesn’t want to be left behind at all. As it stands, first world countries have already deployed the network as developing countries look to join the bandwagon.

Well, Kenya has been on the line with telecommunication operators revealing that they this high up on their lists. It now seems like the government will also be preparing the foundation with a new set of policies.

This was made clear by the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) that announced it will be unveiling the ground rules by September 2021. These new rules will help oversee the launch and maintenance of 5G by telcos in Kenya.

CA Director-General Mercy Wanjau revealed all this saying, “We are on the path to 5G together with the rest of the world, and are keenly watching the developments in the global market.”

“There are countries in Africa like Nigeria, South Africa and recently Zambia that are further along with deployment and we are learning from how they are doing it.”

Consultations are currently underway following the release of frequency spectrum guidelines in 2020, that are set to determine the allocation, pricing and auctioning of resources.

The guidelines will be used to ensure that practicable sharing of resources among telcos and ISPs for optimal use. This is while encouraging advanced and innovative information and communication technologies in order to meet evolving demands.

It is highly likely that Safaricom and Airtel will be the first firms to deploy 5G in the country as they are the only ones that expressed interest in the project so far. Airtel Kenya has already partnered with Nokia to upgrade its infrastructure to accommodate 5G network although not much has been revealed yet.

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