Google Chrome Will Soon Let You Keep Your Incognito Tabs Secret Using Face ID

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It is quite clear that Google has been hard at work trying to make the Chrome browser safer and more secure. The latest update, Chrome 88, was recently released an all platforms, including the best Android smartphones with a number of privacy upgrades. All this was meant to make it easier for users to manage their passwords and perform security checks.

While Google has been notably absent from any stable updates of its iOS apps, the platform is still seeing some attention on the beta front with a new update bringing some useful biometric features.

The company is now testing a new privacy feature to its Chrome browser for iOS that can lock incognito tabs behind Face ID. Update notes for the latest Chrome 89 beta on iOS reveal that “when you return to the Chrome app, your incognito tabs will be blurred until you confirm it’s you.”

Users can enable this feature in the privacy section of Chrome’s settings. However, it appears that the feature is just in its early stages of testing since not every beta tester has access just yet.

Of course, the feature is a clever way to make sure your incognito tabs stay private. While these tabs may be safe from your browsing history, there’s no doubt that they’re still vulnerable to the prying eyes of whoever might be around.

Chrome 89 is expected to launch fully in early March, but it’s not clear if the Face ID support will be ready in time. The feature is also quite similar to Samsung’s secret mode in its mobile browser, which allows users o lock tabs with facial recognition or fingerprints.

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