Telegram May Be Forced To Block Pirated Movies, TV Shows and Music

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If you are on Telegram, you know it has quite the range when it comes to features. One of its most pronounced features is the capability to send up to 2GB of data. Couple this with chats and groups you can enter to find texts sent years ago, then Telegram gives you a pretty easy route to send and store pirated movies.

Telegram Under Fire Over Pirated Movies and TV Shows

Following this, a court has ordered Telegram to block access to pirated movies, TV shows and music after a lawsuit was filed in Israel. Local anti-piracy group ZIRA is complaining that the messaging platform does not properly respond to takedown notices.

This is contrary to Telegram’s claims that it does. Telegram is now working with rightsholders to implement the injunction. This is not the first lawsuit is filing against Telegram.

ZIRA vs Telegram

In 2020, ZIRA and several local rightsholders filed a lawsuit in Israel stating that Telegram’s users utilize the service to make available and distribute infringing content to the public. This is including movies, TV shows and music alleging there was money involved.

ZIRA asked the court to issue a permanent restraining order against Telegram prohibiting the infringing activity. It also demanded an injunction against ISPs that would require them to block access to the offending groups.

After being provided with a list of offending groups by ZIRA, a month Telegram took action against dozens of groups.

“We agree to block the channels or force the administrators to remove the content immediately.”- Telegram

However, as of now, Zira states that the company has fallen short of expectations.

“They take down the movies, partly or entirely, but not immediately, and not in a way that satisfies us,” ZIRA counsel said, as reported by Globes.

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