Company Pulls Down App As Users Mistake it for ClubHouse


It’s very easy to confuse apps online seeing as many of them have either similar names or logos. It’s also very easy to read the information about the app before downloading it. Unfortunately, most people choose the first option. In this case, it all went crazy for ClubHouse, a collaborative home for modern software teams.

ClubHouse: Case of Mistaken Identity

The Clubhouse App many are looking for is a social media app where users share audio clips instead of text posts.

When users enter the app, they can choose between different virtual “rooms” to enter. When a user enters a room, the audio automatically turns on. The creator of a room decides who can speak, and interested users can raise their hands to join the discussion.

The issue is, this app is

  1. Invite Only to use
  2. Only available on iOS

The confusion comes in when it starts trending and Android Users go looking for it on the PlayStore. Here they come across another Clubhouse. This is a collaborative home for modern software teams.


It’s all okay when you can read to find out what app it is you are downloading. Unfortunately, not many people do. So they end up downloading a wrong app and when it does not work the way they want they complain.

Negative Reviews

In the wake of all this confusion, many took to Google Reviews to post negative comments about the app. Stating that there is no ‘way to log in’ or no way to communicate. All without understanding that this is the wrong app. The company even had to take down the app because there was just too much unnecessary negativity for the team to handle.

The app currently sits on 2.7 stars, much less than they had before. All in all, many are realizing their mistakes and taking down their comments. Other do-gooders are going an extra mile to give a good 5-star review and explain to the rest their confusion. Case in point…

I understand after reading what the app is about and also the reviews. This app is not the social media one. Guys it not hard to read something, go and change your review rating or delete it. It’s not their fault that you downloaded an app that sounds like another. This app is for different purposes and they are coping flack left right and centre. I hope this rating makes a difference

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  1. This is really a confusing thing for users. However, this action can be seen as a beautiful and wise one of creator donkey kong.

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