Instagram Makes Changes To Make Desktop Usage Easier

Instagram Desktop

If you’re reading this you’re one of two groups people, the few that use Instagram on their desktop or those that did not know that you could do that. Well, I’m here to cater to both teams. Now personally I am of the majority that knows about Instagram Desktop but chooses not to use it because… why?

However, over the past few months, they have made some pretty good changes that draw me to it. Let’s take a look at them and maybe they will entice you enough to give it a try.

Instagram Updates on Desktop

First off, let’s answer the question that lingers in your mind now. Why should I use desktop Instagram when I have a phone? Well, that’s a good point. There’s really no need to have both. However, if you work on your laptop a lot, it can be hectic switching from Laptop to phone all the time. That’s why we have WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and Telegram on the desktop too.

Well, Instagram can serve the same purpose. You may use it to review posts you have already made, quickly check your friend’s stories and now you can send messages too. For social media influencers and managers, it’s perfect for constantly checking on how your posts are doing (on a bigger screen) and also to reply quickly to comments and messages.

Their most significant updates are Insta Stories and DM’s.

Insta Stories
Instagram Stories Destop

Image Courtesy The Verge

InstaStories have been there for a while on the desktop platform but now they look a tad bit better. From this interface, viewers can click on whatever story they want to watch. It’s sort of like if the tiny circles at the top of users’ feeds went bigger and full-screen.


Desktop DMs

This is a feature that many were waiting for. This is the one that opens the doors for influencers and media managers. Being able to send and receive messages on Instagram is a real life saver.

The rest are pretty minimal including stickers for small business but they do make your stories and links a more exciting. Try it out and tell us what you think.

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