How To Verify That You’re Not Listed As A BBI Supporter Without Your Consent

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A few weeks after the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) signatures were presented to the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC), it’s now clear that the verification process is complete. This was confirmed after the country’s electoral body published the long list of signatures earlier today for public scrutiny.

As promised, the verification process did take a shorter time than expected thanks to the 400 clerks that were assigned to the task. The clerks all took an oath of secrecy before taking part in the process in December 30th 2020 and had to work endlessly to ensure the task was done in a fortnight.


IEBC data clerks at their workstations at the Bomas of Kenya in Nairobi when BBI signature verification. Image courtesy The Standard

Currently, Kenyans across the country can easily check if their details are in there whether they did submit their details. This process is also important for Kenyans to verify that they aren’t any fake signatures on the list.

The details are on two files on the links below:

You will also have to be patient as the files do take a while to load up. This is understandable considering the number of names that are on listed. Checking whether you are on the list will also take a while as there is no particular order or search engine to help with that. You might want to try to search by clicking Ctrl + F but it did not work when we tried it.

The verification process did receive its own share of issues after allegations went round about IEBC’s attempts to sabotage the signatures. The IEBC dismissed these claims assuring Kenyans it was being done fairly.

After all this, counties will have 90 days to debate and approve the Bill. As stipulated in the Constitution, if at least 24 counties approve the Bill, it will be transmitted and introduced in Parliament without delay.

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