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Tech Billionaire Jack Ma Presumed Missing

Jack Ma

2021 starts off with another surprising story as the CEO of Alibaba is suspected to be missing after criticising the Government. Jack Ma is one of China’s least vocal and outspoken tycoons hence the worldwide shock.

Is Jack Ma Missing?

Chinese tech billionaire and the founder of Alibaba, Jack Ma, has been missing from the public eye for over two months. This is after he came in conflict with President Xi Jinping-led Central Communist Party government.

Ma termed the CCP government as a ‘pawnshop’ for financial regulators and state-owned banks in an incendiary speech in Shanghai back in October. Further, he likened global banking regulations to an ‘old people’s club’.

The speech, unfortunately, gave the Chinese government the wrong impression. To them, Ma’s criticisms are an attack on the authority of the Communist Party, and leads to its extraordinary clampdown on Ma’s business activities.

Where the Suspicion comes From?

The business tycoon was set to appear as a judge in the final episode of his own talent show, ‘Africa’s Business Heroes’. However, mysteriously, he did not turn up for it. As a consequence, his photographs are not on the show’s website, The Telegraph, UK, reports.

“Due to a schedule conflict, Mr Ma could no longer be part of the finale judge panel of Africa’s Business Heroes earlier this year.” An Alibaba spokesperson says.

In November, officials in Beijing reprimanded Ma. They also suspended the blockbuster $37billion initial public offering of his Ant Group on the direct order of President Jinping. These are reports from the Wall Street Journal reports.

Jack Ma, respond to this if you are okay.

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