Kenyan Arrested For Flying Drone Over Police Station

drone arrested

It’s Christmas time and a lot of us are travelling, visiting family, singing carols… oh and going to jail. A Kenyan has been arrested on suspicion that he was operating a drone above the Lamu Police Post.

Drone Drama: Kenyan Arrested, Christmas Ruined

Drone Arrested


Last night, Police Officers noticed an object hovering high above their post. Upon swift action by their officers, it was immediately established that the object was an unmanned aircraft.

According to detectives, the man flying the drone claimed to have travelled from Mombasa to visit his relatives in Lamu. They arrested him and he is the situation is under inestigation

“The suspect is under interrogation to ascertain the veracity of his claims and establish his motive,” the report adds.

What’s So Wrong About Flying A Drone Above Police Posts?

To put it in simple terms, for security reasons it is illegal to take photos or videos of police posts, army bases and the likes. The aviation regulator cites Legal Notice 76 on the prohibition of drones.

“This includes the prohibition of the operation of such drones by the public for video coverage, film making, surveillance, and any other interference with Kenyan airspace. A person found guilty of going against this law faces a jail term of not more than 12 months or a fine not exceeding KES. 100,000 or both.

Moving forward, be careful where you use and or fly your drone. Read all the other regulations here

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