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Come On Kenyans The “Safaricom Krisi Awards” is Obviously a Scam


Merry Christmas, scammers are back again with a new plot all in the name of the festive season. The new scam is now going around telling Kenyans that they have won cash prizes all in a new promotion dubbed “Safaricom Krisi”. Interestingly, the culprits already have a site ready that would easily deceive a naive subscriber at first glance.

Safaricom scam

On the shady looking site is a box that lets you enter your number to find out whether you have been shortlisted for a prize. In reality, all this is a scam and Safaricom have not kicked off any campaign for Christmas yet.

This is the third scam of this kind that we came across after the first two were all done in the wake of Safaricom’s 20th-anniversary celebrations. Like the last two, this new “Christmas” scam has had a few things done right. But there are also other wrong details that you should instantly look for including:

1. The URL is not an official Safaricom one
2. Safaricom has not advertised the offer on social media or TV
3. They require you to share the link in order to redeem your reward
4. Why would anyone give you money for free?

And just like the Spin scam, the scam artists have failed on some aspects. Especially when you get into the actual step of getting the money they claim to be rewarding you:

  1. Get verified by inputting your number (inputting fake numbers still gets you verified).
  3. Click the link specific to the phone and then… nothing
    1. They are collecting your phone numbers: This means you might soon be receiving some spam messages
    2. Vulnerability to online/cyber attacks: You are never too sure what information they might be able to collect.

    How they benefit:

    So apart from collecting phone numbers, they are also getting money through the affiliate links. Don’t let them scam you too.

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