Here’s Why Kenyans Shouldn’t Buy The PlayStation 5 Console Just Yet

PlayStation 5
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The time for next-gen gaming is upon us and the air literally gives off that new console smell. Gamers and tech gurus everywhere have their unboxing videos flooding YouTube and Instagram. The PlayStation 5 is finally a reality and not just something to admire from Sony’s unveiling videos. But hold up! You probably need to hold off from buying the console just yet.

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The word has been spreading for the last few days about Kenyan stores deciding to sell the console at not just a high price but literally double the original price. So, trust me when I say that you weren’t the only one that got really annoyed thinking that Kenyan stores have decided to rip everyone off. But there’s more to why the console costs the same as a piece of land in Kamulu right now.

As many gaming enthusiasts know by now, the PlayStation 5 was set to be released in phases. The first launch that happened last week was for units meant for the U.S (Region 1). Unfortunately, Sony had made it clear that the console was going to be in limited supply as they try to add on to the stock later on.

Like any other product, a limit in stock ends up raising the market price. And with the huge demand for the PS5 right now, the price has pretty much risen to more than double. Online stores like Amazon as well have fallen victim to this huge fluctuation selling the console at $1400 or even more.

However, there are Kenyan business people that managed to get a hold of some units to sell in the country. So, they decided to sell it at the same price that American stores have.

But more than just the price, there are more disadvantages on getting the units meant for the American market. One would be the instant expiry of the warranty since it can be used in the Kenyan market to get any kind of service.

The other would be the different power plug that would end up in your console getting incorrect power supply as well. Region 1 units operate 120V supply at 60Hz.

Luckily, consoles meant for markets beyond the U.S (Region 2) started launching yesterday 19th November. This includes markets in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

These are the units that you are meant to be getting since the power plugs are correct and they also have valid warranties. Plus, the price will have gone down since shipping will be easier.

A number of Kenyan stores have promised to have the console in stock within the first week of December. So, a little more patience will not hurt if it means getting the console at an affordable price.

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