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Kenyans React As Government Announces Huduma Namba Cards To Replace IDs

Huduma Namba

In a turn of events in the crazy that is 2020, the government today notes that the current National Identification Cards (ID) will cease being in operation by December 12, 2021. So what will happen next? Well, the ICT CS Joe Mucheru says that the IDs will be replaced by Huduma Namba cards.

Huduma Namba Cards are Coming

The official website notes that the cards will be issued form DEC 1st 2020 and be in full effect at the end of 2021. Anyone after that will have to follow this;

The National ID card is issued to citizens upon attainment of 18 years of age whereas the Huduma Namba will be issued at birth for citizens or upon naturalization or approval to reside in Kenya for foreigners. 

The news is not sitting too well with everyone and many Kenyans have a few concerns. For instance, @Khasimwa  notes how every single one of our legal documents is tied to our ID’s. Question is, what happens to that entire chain of documents?

Others are questioning the need for a new driving license when everything should be covered by the Huduma card.

The renders out here also show that the cards contain Mastercard properties.

The Mastercard issue, however, looks to be a thing of the past as some photos show that the card looks somewhat like our ID’s

Huduma Namba

An in-depth look also tells us that they are only valid till 2024. Quite sus in my opinion…

Some are happy at the prospects of what this card means to them.

What do you think of this step?

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