WhatsApp Set To Bring a “Read Later” Feature to Postpone Notifications

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There are a number of changes set to be made in an upcoming update of WhatsApp. One would be replacing “Archived Chats” with “Read Later”. This is meant to be an improved version where that makes archived chats continue working without having to be opened up again.

This will involve a new feature called Vacation mode. This will allow users to keep chats in the archive when a new message arrives so your chats won’t be automatically unarchived anymore.


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“Read Later is simply an improved version of “Archived Chats” that will allow no notifications when new messages arrived from archived conversations.¬†On the other hand, unarchiving chat will reverse this process.

WhatsApp explains that the feature will be implemented in order to reduce interruptions. However, users will be able to disable Vacation Mode in the “Read Later Settings”.

The other update involves improvements fro Wallpapers on the app. Users will soon be able to set a different wallpaper for each chat. While setting the wallpapers, you will be able to edit the opacity of each.

Additionally, WhatsApp will have a library of 32 new bright wallpapers and 29 new dark ones to choose from. This will also include the option to have a custom piece or a solid colour wallpaper.

If a user decides to set a solid colour as new wallpaper, they will have the possibility to apply WhatsApp Doodle as an overlay. This involves having stickers, emojis or hand-drawn content as part of your background.

WhatsApp Doodle is also set to come in for the Desktop version tat only has solid colours as an option.

This feature is already in beta so we should expect it to go live quite soon.

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