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The World Reacts To Joe Biden’s U.S. Elections Win Over Donald Trump

Joe Biden

After 4 long seemingly endless days, Pennsylvania finally broke its banks and gave President-elect Joe Biden the win he deserves. Since the vote counting began it’s been quite the roller coaster ride for Americans and the world at large. Former President Donald Trump took to a press conference and to Twitter to prematurely announce his victory.

Joe Biden Wins; That’s it. That’s the tweet

How do you know it’s real? There’s no warning from Twitter.

However, that’s to the case according to the actual electoral commission. The votes are in and requiring a minimum of 270, Joe Biden has crossed the mark ad won by a mile. Garnering 270 electoral votes = 74M votes, there was really never a battle.

The twitter nation is not backing down in celebrations and it’s all guns blazing in terms of reactions, memes and slander. What a time to be alive.

Over to the funnies

It’s all smiles and happiness over at the Biden home.

Not so much at the Trump Headquarters. Are they going to stick around?

Even Kenyans are showing their love for the new President

Na watu wa USIU mko?

What’s next for Trump?

Let’s not forget the first female Vice President./ Congratulations are in order as well for Kamala Harris.

The last and final question…

Anyway… Salaam Aleikum

Follow the rest of the reactions here

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