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Compilation of the Funniest Salaam Aleikum Videos Online

Salaam Aleikum

One of the things I love and hate about this country is that good things come so fast and hard and leave just as quick. This is in relation to memes and anything else you deem viable¬cough¬ but let’s focus on the memes. For instance last week all the craze was on either the Inaninyonga Audio, the lala fo fo fo song and now we have run into another gem, Salaam Aleikum. This tweet just sums it up.

TikTok Feed

Salaam Aleikum Videos

I know we shouldn’t do this but I’ve got quite a lot of feedback suggesting that they are not the funniest videos. That may be true, however, that’s not what the videos are for necessarily. It kind of needs a little bit of dark humour to christen your way through these videos.

If you have a very soft heart, you might want to skip this one. However, if you have no problem watching people fail in life, then this is the one for you. The meme takes into account the way the song flows. It starts out with a chill reggae beat and then the beat suddenly drops and its only a sombre Salaam Aleikum in response.

The videos in relation to this follow the same path. Showing people rather content with what they are doing and then boom, life happens. Pretty much sus up 2020 in my opinion.

It takes advantage of new and recent fails, old ones from vine and YouTube and even some from the ‘Oh No’ Trend on TikTok.

Most of you will remember this moment.

Creativity at its best?

One of the old gems.

Some viral ones from the recent TikTok trend

Some good old vine fun:

And my personal favourite;

And as the saying goes; AsalaamuAleikum to those who have gone through what we have witnessed here today.

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