How Much Would It Cost You To Own A Tesla in Kenya?

Tesla Kenya

Since we last talked about the ‘first Tesla Model X’ in Kenya, many of you have been buzzing about how much it would cost to own one. Well, here’s the math down to the nearest shilling.

The Maths Broken Down: Tesla Model X


Heading over to the official Tesla site, you can custom order your preferred model and have it shipped directly to you. The way it works in Kenya may be a little bit different but that is the process essentially.

Currently, the base price for the Model X is about KES 9M. With this price you get:

  • the basic white colour
  • black interior; 5 Seater
  • 20″ wheels
  • No AutoPilot
  • Up to 500KM on one charge

For an extra KES 4M you:

  • Choose any colour
  • 7Seater Interior, wood finishes included or the Tesla Black and White
  • 22″ Wheels
  • Auto Pilot
  • Faster speeds but less range

Whew, that’s a lot. But let’s focus on our base model. It’s still a Tesla. There’s no competition. Assuming you get a Tesla dealer and it’s on its way to Kenya, we move on to the next step.

Taxes Imposed on A Tesla in Kenya

Speaking to the KRA, these are the taxes a potential buyer expects.

Now for the math, assuming the car is 9 million

Car’s cost:

Import Duty = 25% of Car’s Cost
Excise duty = 10% x (Car’s cost + Import duty)
VAT = 14% x (Car’s cost + Import duty + Excise duty)
Railway = 2% x (Car’s cost + Import duty + Excise duty + VAT)
IDF = 3.5% x (Car’s cost + Import duty + Excise duty + VAT+Railway)

Total: KES. 14,892,759.9 to get it to the port and get a number plate.

NOTE: This is minus shipping charges from the destination and also minus clearance charges

The same math should work for the other Tesla models (Y, 3, S)

  • Base Price:
    • Tesla Model Y- 7 Million (Smaller car, more mileage)
    • Model 3 – 4.2 Million (Less Mileage)
    • Tesla Model S – 5.5 Million
  • Taxed Prices:
    • Tesla Model Y – KES 10, 815,000
    • Model 3 – KES 6,489,000
    • Tesla Model S – KES 8,497,000

The prices above are for new Tesla’s but you could also decide to get a used one for almost half the price depending on where you get it from.┬áDo you think it’s worth it?

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  1. Are this cars sold in Kenya? Or one should concider buying them outside the country. Becouse i can see its nice car can it be bought in kenya to lower the price

    1. We As BashJohar Motors can import for u….text us on instagram @bashJohar_Motors. We ate already shipping one unit to Kenya
      Call 0770825528 for more information

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