Kenyans React To Possibly The First Tesla Model X in The Market


Kenyans never cease to amaze and yesterday another one of us made it to the discussion end of Kenyans on Twitter while flaunting his/her new Tesla Model X. Subject to confirmation, this could very well be the first of its kind in the country. This Tweet from @SaruniBM shows us the Tesla in full ‘flight’.

The First Tesla Model X in Kenya

Let’s talk about what it means to own a Tesla in Kenya. First of all, we have to talk about the price. The car itself costs a little over KES 10 M. Not to mention getting it into the country and a probable 10% tax as noted by @Alom

Where will he service it?

Let’s say you manage to get it into the country. The next question on Kenyan’s minds is, ‘where will he service it?’ There’s no Tesla Station or technicians? How will it keep up with the Kenyan roads?

Surprisingly, it’s not that big of a deal. As @Mwirigio notes, the difference between an electric car and the cars we have today is that the electric car does not have a combustion engine.

Where will he charge it? Does it charge like a smartphone?

It’s imperative to note that the Model X has a wide range meaning it can travel for a while before it runs out of juice. Many are wondering where he will find a charger in a country not fully focused on the ‘electric move’.

But the answer to this question is pretty simple. Charge it at home. Just like Rob, who drives a Nissan leaf does.

The only difference is how much time it will take to charge. “It will charge at home using domestic power, it will take a lot longer than the superchargers in other countries (Up to 11 hours). However, you only charge it 2 to 4 times a month depending on how far you drive each day.”

Thankfully with a single charge, it can travel up to 600KM. Nairobi to Mombasa is only 488 KM.

Judging by how good some of the Kenyan roads are getting, you might want to travel with your Tesla, this is where the compulsory charging stations on new buildings will come in.

There’s Still some issues

Tesla’s are not immune to failure. It can be very difficult to get parts for the electric motors or get assistance with software issues even in the countries that have official support. So you have to be very careful when handling your car.

You also have to take into account those falcon doors. Utazifungulia wapi hii Nairobi?

Whatever the case, the dream is now a reality.

Features of the Tesla Model X

  • Single charge – Upto 600KM, Could last you a week of city travels. (There are options to charge it with solar power)
  • Autopilot: (Autosteer on the streets is an additional KES 1M)
  • Super Fast: 0-100kmh in 3 seconds
  • Futuristic design: Both interior and exterior including the massive falcon wing doors
  • Spacious: 7 Seater
  • 17″ Touchscreen Display inside
  • All-wheel drive

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