Breaking News: Tanzania Government Allegedly Blocks Internet Access Ahead of Elections

Tanzania elections
Image courtesy BBC

What is feared by many across many nations seems to be happening in Tanzania as reports are coming out that the Tanzanian government has allegedly blocked access to the internet. This comes just ahead of the general elections set to take place tomorrow across the whole country.

This new occurrence was brought to our attention by Tanzania citizens who have taken to Twitter to report and complain about this. Reportedly, this was ordered by the incumbent President John Magufuli amid voter rigging claims making rounds in Tanzania.

Many Tanzanians have reported that they cannot access Twitter and WhatsApp. Others have apparently been forced to now use VPNs to access these and other sites.

Many reports from news outlets based in Tanzania are indicating a rise in tension. News had come out prior to this about opposition groups accusing the President manipulating the media ahead of tomorrow’s elections.

Nothing is fully confirmed so far so it would be highly recommended to take all this with a pinch of salt.

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Social media has over the last few years moved from just being a tool to an essential part of people’s lives all across the globe. So, you can understand many people’s frustrations if this turned out to be absolutely true.

Reportedly, Instagram and Facebook are still working in the country but WhatsApp calls cannot be made at the moment.

These reports could be supported further by recent statements from groups asking the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority to not be involved in any interference in the coming general elections.

*This is a developing story and we shall update the article with more information as we get it.


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  1. Peace is created no matter who says what let our peace country to create as it has been done that’s enough communication is enough calling is here what else…..

  2. I am a Tanzanian, πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡Ώ our country if full of peace, we don’t want others to destroy our peace, social media is among of peace killer in our country during this election.
    What is done to close a social network its πŸ‘fine.

  3. Its crazy both social media are not working.. Instagram, Twitter, whatsap, facebook etc.. Its only google search that is active its started a day prior to election then u ask urself what is the intention of all this not everyone is into politics we have being denied our right of communication, getting acces to different news around the globe.. We dnt even know what is going on

  4. There is no transparency in this election what have being done to switch off internet access is to HIDE what is going on

  5. We will know what is goin on

  6. Let’s our country decide what’s is right for us, today and tomorrow. If it’s the only way to protect its peace then let it be. You are not our mouth.

  7. Shutting down communication is not fair at all, coz other people live by using media for example emails Facebook etc

  8. It is terrible! I am a Tanzanian, I live in Dar. All social media have been blocked Facebook, What’s up, Instagram, Twitter etc. This is an indication that this Government is planning to rig the election and carry out violence against dissidents as it has been doing. Shame on them. This only sharpens the resistance against the ruling party authoritarian style of ruling. Despite all its evil, justice shall prevail. Victory is coming. We shall win, we shall overcome!

  9. Hakika ninaunga mko point yako

  10. Pumbavu

  11. Jesus is the King of Peace and believe me Tanzania belongs to Jesus. Fear not.

  12. Other poeple can call you wise man but your going foolish

  13. F u

  14. What is the problem with our government

  15. Tanzania is at peace. There is no chaos or violence in the streets. Must be so disappointing to those who wish to see an independent, sovereign, peaceful nation fail. Tanzania is rising.

  16. Hongera sana tume na serikali kutufungia mitandao ya kijamii,ambayo ingeweza kuchochea uvunjifu wa amani asieelewa ataumia ila kwa muelewa ataona ni busara ya serikali kuhakikisha amani inalindwa kwa nguvu zote,hata kwa ubabe lakini kwa manufaa ya vizazi vijavyo,amani ya mtanzania ni zaidi kuliko kitu kingine,wanao andamana waambiane kwa midomo tuone sasa kama wataweza,safi sana serikali ya Tz

  17. sio utu kufungia mitandao ya kijamii!

  18. It’s all lies, I have been using internet the whole day even now, pole Sana . Wrong information

  19. Am speechless….but i think we need to protect our peace but not in this way….of shutting down the all social network

  20. True. Let them mind peace in their own countries.

  21. Goood!

  22. Yes I support the move during this time. There has been a lot of abuse of this freedom. It is the best move to ensure the legal National Electoral Commission remains the only body to administer and talk about our election not ‘twitter’, ‘insta’ and any other fake reporters.

  23. Election is fair…

  24. hahaha nchi ya amani lazima ifungie mitandao ili kazi ziende

  25. People should now understand the meaning of leadership…. maintenance of peace and well being as u can now see in our country Tanzania,,,u must know that there are thousand of things that u dontknow that our leader have veen doing to maintain our peace. Violence always start with just tips of unconfirmed information spread all around though our social networks then we end up on fighting each other….! Does closure of these networks hurts more than loosing your peaceful Tanzania..!? Think possitive guys,,, its our country, aur land and our people,, we must keep them safe,,,,,, we dont have to be manipulated by our haters……. Even those in other countries started like this,,, beleving like they are not free and hence they then lost then lost what they were calling dectatership but now they are actually crying finding what precious thing they losted…..

  26. I support,,, Congrats to my Govement as for doing this,,, alot of misunderstandings,,,, violence and all related bad informations were not spread hence we are untill now safe….May God bless our country,,,and our leader…

  27. That great,,,, I wish if most of people perceive this way..
    Let us intentionally create our peace

  28. Kwa mtu mwenye uelewa hawezi kushutumu hili swala iwapo kitu chenyewe kitavunja amani na maneno yasio kuwa na msingi kuhusu uchaguzi ni lazima yangetiliwa mkazo kwenye mitandao ya kijamii kiasi ambacho maneno hayo yangeleta uvunjifu wa amani hilo hamuoni ni tatizo kwa nchi! Hembu tulieni uchaguzi ukiisha tu network itarudi kama zamani na maisha yataendelea.Kuna vitu vyengine lazima utumie ulazima ili kufanikisha jambo kwa wakati sahihi hata muslim ngurue ni haram lakini ukishikika na njaa inakubidi ule ili usife lakini usile ukamaliza kidogo tu njaa ikikata unaendelea na safari mpaka ufike unakokwenda.kiufupi naipongeza sana serikali kwa uamuzi huu uliochukua kwa ajili ya amani zaidi kwa mtanzania

  29. Well said bro yani ni kweli kabisa

  30. Internet ipo, isipokua mitandao ya kijamii. Tumefika hapa kwa kutokuwajibika Kuhusu fake news. Ni wakati sasa sheria za mitandao Kutumika vizuri ili kutiweka mwanya wa wavunjifu ili kusudi huduma kama hizi ziwepo wazi. Kwa wakati huu busara hii imefaa sababu ya hali na kuwepo kwa taarifa nyingi zisizokua na mashiko au uthibitisho. Nadhani ni kwa nia njema. Na mamlaka husika nitumie sheria kuwajibisha wanaovunja mipaka na kusambaza taarifa Feni ili kusudi wasifikie huku kulima zima kila itapokua uchaguzi kwa siku zijazo.

  31. Am in Tanzania currently in dar es salaam the government have taken measures to curb all fake news that may lead to confrontation and confusion as most people take fake news as they are and miss interpret em its good move to lock out all social media freesom if used wrongly cam lead into chaos I do support my government to keep peace in sort of means they can

  32. It’s so sad that a citizen like you think that’s the way to maintain peace..that means you will never stand up for urself and wont ever know that there is something missing or has gone astray

  33. The problem of internet has made me not able to communicate with my supervisor as a university student, it is more than mediocre

  34. Mungu wangu..

  35. It is what it is and i’m fine with it 😎😎😎😎😎

  36. God bless our country ,God give us true and faithful leaders..ameen

  37. Je ? Tutarudishiwa pesa za bando letu tuliloliunga na kufungiwa hatimae kutotumika maxima? Na hivyo ndivyo tuendavyo uchumi WA katiiii?

  38. Now I want to stream live football but I can’t, wot is this??? Just want mind my own business n watch something I been waiting to watch and simply can’t access, thinking about those who want to give important information to their loved ones abroad wether death news, money issues etc smh!!,

  39. Dah! Kwahio ni kama tumetoa sadaka tu pesa tulizotumia kununua bando zetu. Why didn’t they inform us earlier the day before? Sijafurahishwa binafsi

  40. Amani hailetwi kwa kufungia mitandao ya jamii.

  41. Napongeza sana uamuzi huu wa kufungia mitandao yenye kuchochea vurugu kwa wakati huu. Tuiachie serikali itekeleze majukumu yake ya kulinda amani kwa gharama zote. Tumeona nchi nyingi zikifanya hivi wakati kama huu, Tanzania siyo ya kwanza kufungia mitandao yenye kuchochea vurugu. Internet inafanya kazi kama kawaida!!

  42. Ni kweli kabisa

  43. How, unatumia sim card gani, na sim yako ni aina gan

  44. Hii n nchi iliyohuru je uhuru wa wananchi uko wp hapo kutufungia Internet ili tusijue kinachoendelea sio haki wametukosea sana wananchi maana wengine wahana tv nyumbn mwao wanafuatilia taifa letu kwa njia ya simu haya niambie tunafichwa fichwa hatuelew nn kinaendelea katika nchi yetu

  45. Kwa Watu wote,wenye utimamu wa akili na ufahamu wa jinsi Gani Mambo yanapaswa kuendeshwa,Hawezi akaona au akasema ni Sawa Kuzima Mtandao kwa kisingizio cha “Eti kulinda Amani”,Amani imekuwepo na mitandao imekuwepo pia.
    Watumiaji wa Mtandao Wanaongezeka siku baada ya siku,Kwa nini Huduma hii izimwe wakati wa uchaguzi,Je Kila wakati wa uchaguzi tuwe tukizima Huduma za mawasiliano?

    Ikiwa kila kitu kinaenda kwa uwazi,usawa na Haki. Kuminya mawasiliano kwa Sababu yoyote ile ni Ushamba,Upumbavu,Udhalimu na inaleta maswali mengi Miongoni mwa Watu Wanaopenda Haki na Amani ya Kweli.

  46. Fact

  47. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  48. 🀝🀝🀝

  49. mungu ibariki Africa, mungu ibariki Tanzania πŸ™πŸ™

  50. We nae ni matako tu

  51. Exactly good point ever it’s a kind tricky of Fraud of election

  52. In Todays Digital world it is not wise or helpful to bock internet in any case. Millions of people use internet for servival. I have lost my online customers because of luck of internet access so who is gonna pay the loss?
    I am a very well behaved cetizen and a Non political, i went to vote for the Leaders whom i believe they are going to make life better for everyone, my forever rulling party!. But for this action of blocking INTERNET i dont support it in any way!! Sad!! Sad and very Sad indeed!!

  53. Cowards always use extreme measures to remain in power. It’s nothing new but simply a repetition of history.

  54. Ni bora walivofunga tu mitandandao yote mi naona safi tu kwa faida ya nchi yngu mana watanzania wengi wanatumia vbaya mitandandao ya kijamii

  55. Tumeona madhara ya mitandao ya kijamii sehemu mbalimbali mfano kule libya, misri, nigeria n.k na kote sasa hiv wanalia wanagaman kurudisha wakat nyuma lakini wameshachelewa..YES kila kitu kina faida na hasara lakin bora hasara ya mda mfupi kwa faida ya muda mrefu..watu wamekua wakitumia mitandao kutoa taarifa zisizo sahihi na kusababisha jazba na uvunjifu wa aman..bora izimwe haya mambo yakiisha tutarud kwenye maisha yetu ya kawaida tukiwa na amani na utulivu kama tulivozoea. MUNGU IBARIKI AFRIKA, MUNGU IBARIKI TANZANIA

  56. Haya uchaguzi umeisha sasa wanasubir nn kufungua hzo social media??

  57. mediocre haha

  58. This blocking the internet in Tanzania is totally wrong in every way possible

  59. Acha ufala

  60. Mimi naomba tu wakifungua wanirudishie bando langu la mwezi mzima nililo jiunga, 20,000 ni kubwa sna

  61. Are we being same as Nth Korea … Big Business is done thru internet, communication is the key to successful business … I want investors come to Tanzania, they will never come with these very basic tools of business being blocked , this is 2020 not 1920

  62. tyrants start as protecters… it was said long ago… before our country existed

  63. Ipo siku tu wote tutaimba wimbo 1 ngoja tuendelee kujitoa ufahamu tu..

  64. I truly believe that they’ve good intentions by doing that, but they’d have thought of those students who study online like me, everything seems to be ruined on my side and yes they should forgive me calling this a kinda numpty deed.

  65. That fact

  66. Amen to that

  67. safi mno

  68. Yaani nimekasirika bc tu Kifurush chang bora nicnge jiunga kwanza wangetutaarifu pumbavu kabisa Bora ckupiga ata iyo kura nikapiga picha

  69. Naandika comment Kwa makasiriko Kwasababu Hakuna walicho zuia walisikia wapi mitandao ya kijamii inalinda amani inaboaaaaa alaaah wanatukosesha raha niache kufuatilia table for two yangu pale YOUTUBE nifuatile uchaguzi wao imenikera nimepoteza pesa kujiunga watulipe shenzi taipuu

  70. Kama Kuna mtu umepata faida ya kuzimwa Kwa Izo social network labda tu ni kusave tu Hiyo pesa ya bando Hakuna Kingine Kwasababu sehem zingine huku watu walipigwa kama kawaida na mitandao imezimwa kiasi watu wasishare Taarifa kama hizo ya nin kinaendelea sehem uliyopo amani Kaipata ambae kafaidika na hili…. Sipo hapa kusemea mwenzang mimi halijanifurahisha kila mtu kivyake ivo tu na wanilipe bando langu nipo zangu mbeya apa… UTII UKIZID UNAKUA UNAFIK

  71. Goddamn😲😲

  72. Kuna shughuli nyingine zinafanyika kwenye hii mitandao usifikiri watu wanawaza tu uchaguzi

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