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Instagram Will Now Let Users Post Some Type of Nudes

Instagram nudity policy
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Despite criticism from many users, one thing that Instagram has always stood by is the strict policy against nudity. Many have had posts removed and even accounts suspended permanently for showing what some would describe as “too much”.

Things seem to be changing slightly as the Facebook-owned photo-sharing platform has now introduced a new nudity policy. This decision came after a week-long worldwide campaign led by a British plus-size model who had images of her covering her breasts with her arms removed.

Nyome Nicholas-Williams had been the force behind this initiative saying that the removal of her pictures revealed “racial biases” in its algorithm. This then saw #IWantToSeeNyome trend all over the platform in a bd to force the company’s hand.

Later on, Instagram made a change to its policy that will now be allowing pictures of women holding, cupping or wrapping their arms around their breasts. However small it may seem, it is huge to many considering such photos were almost instantly got rid of in the past.

A spokesperson from Instagram confirmed this saying, “It may take some time to ensure we’re correctly enforcing these new updates, but we’re committed to getting this right.”

“Hearing her (Nyome Nicholas-Williams) feedback helped us understand where this policy was falling short, and how we could refine it,” the spokesperson added.

Nicholas-Williams who was the face of the campaign welcomed the firm’s decision and added that she would continue to monitor the platform in making sure the new rules were implemented.

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