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Twitter is Changing How You Retweet, But Why Don’t People Like It?


In a recent update from one of the world’s largest social media platforms, Twitter brings in a new way to tweet; Quote Tweet. Just like many other updates, there is bound to be a reaction. This time it is a mix of both positive and negative reactions.

What is Quote Tweet

A quote tweet is a retweet that has been made with a comment. Essentially, you’re retweeting a piece of content onto your own feed while simultaneously adding your own thoughts to it. This is a great way to engage with other users while also bringing your own audience into the conversation.

When you reply directly to a tweet, your response won’t necessarily be seen by all of your followers. Quote tweeting pushes the initial tweet alongside your response into your feed, igniting the conversation.

Two Sides of a coin

There’s two sides to this new update.


As a Retweeter, this way of responding to a tweet adds it right to the top of your profile. It also pushes it out into your feed, and allows more people to see and respond to it than a simple reply does.

Quote Tweet

Like in the image above, all the attention is no longer on the original tweet but it is now on the quote retweet. This allows you to create more engagement on your posts and even row your following.

However, with every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction;


When you take away all of the attention, that leaves the creators and artists with much less reach than they originally had. For instance, one @shockpine explains her struggles with the update:

If you still do not get how it affects them;

According to many sources, however, it may only stick around during the U.S. election period.

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