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Chicken and Burgers Top Kenya’s Fast Food Orders

Jumia Food

Kenyans are out here living the life and appreciating the luxuries of being able to get food delivered to their house. According to reports from Jumia, Kenyans are ‘addicted’ to ordering fast food.

Kenyans Ordering Junk Food off of JumiaFood Delivery App

According to the second edition of Jumia’s Kenya Food Index Report, chicken was the most ordered food in the country. This is between March and August, followed by burgers and pizza. European cuisine is a distant fourth.

Jumia Food Chief Commercial Officer Shreenal Ruparelia has this to say:

“Fast food category, is growing due to affordable price, convenience and fast delivery. We also have a mix of good local and quick service restaurant brands present in the market.”

Based on the report, it’s pretty logical to assume that the spread of Covid-19 led to an increase in online shopping. Personally, I have made more orders in the last seven months than I have in my whole life.

The report also notes that there is a 30 per cent jump of online consumers in not only Kenya but Nigeria and South Africa during the pandemic period.

The Jumia report highlights the rapidly changing consumer behaviour toward online channels and the shifts are likely to stick on the post-pandemic era.

Why is this?

“Kenya leads with 87% in internet penetration in Africa and even greater great smartphone adoption. With a lot of these orders made from our very own mobile phones, the process is easier making it more of a catch. Also, the youthful tech-savvy population greatly aids the e-commerce adoption.

Enhancing the availability of popular vendors in the country also plays a big role in raising awareness about the convenience of online shopping platforms. These include Jumia Food and its competitors Uber Eats, Glovo and Yum.

Nairobi tops the list of cities with the most demand for online delivery followed. Next comes Casablanca (Morocco), Lagos (Nigeria) Kampala (Uganda) and Abidjan (Ivory Coast).

Most Popular Vendors on Jumia Food

  1. Baba-Nyama-Choma was the top popular local vendor
  2. Marita’s Bhajias
  3. Swahili Plate
  4. Wok on Wheels

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