Liquid Telecom and Econet Launch A Network of Public WiFi Hotspots in Kenya

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South Africa-based tech company Econet has announced the launch of a network of public WiFi hotspots in partnership with some of its subsidiaries Liquid Telecom Group and Cassava Fintech International. Dubbed #SasaiWiFiFinder, the firm hopes to begin providing locals in Kenya, Uganda, Zambia and Rwanda with affordable internet access.

The team-up between the three companies is set to accelerate digital inclusion for Africans thus help in sustainable economic development.

“We firmly believe that every African has the right to high-speed connectivity, and with #SasaiWiFiFinder hot spots, we are making this vision a reality. This initiative is in line with our parent company Econet’s vision of an inclusive, connected future that leaves no African behind. The connectivity network that we have created with these hotspots will ensure ubiquitous access for businesses and consumers at extremely affordable rates. This is yet another milestone achieved in building Africa’s digital future one individual and business at a time,” said Nic Rudnick, Group Chief Executive Officer at LTG.

Users in all the mentioned countries will be able to access free internet bundles when they connect to these hotspots. One will have to download the Sasai Super app in order to purchase the internet bundles.

“The app is a multi-service technology platform that allows access to social media services, on-demand services, digital interactive media services and digital marketplace, including payment methods in a single, easy-to-use mobile application,” reads the statement from Econet.

Econet has made partnerships with many other firms to build hotspots in other African nations like Zimbabwe. The service is also scheduled to launch in South Africa, South Sudan, DRC, Botswana, Burundi, Lesotho and Tanzania.

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